Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Family Pictures and Pictures of our old house

The Marble House Continued

Well in ONE week and ONE day we will finally be moving into our new home.  We are soooooo excited.  This last week we finished  the laminate floor in and the carpet was finished yesterday.  I have to say that it looks fantastic.  David was saying that our house looks so nice that all of our hand-me-down furniture is going to look pretty ghetto in this house...Oh well....we love it.  Yesterday  when the carpet was finally laid upstairs,  Justus just ran around his room yelling no more pokies.  No more pokies.  I don't have to worry about the kids and tack strip anymore.  As soon as we have new pictures I will post them.    

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Marble House

                            As you can see we have a lot of painting to do and flooring to put it. 

As many of  you already know David and I purchased a new home.  Our last home that we loved, was just too tiny for us so off we went in search of another more spacious home....With a garage so that my dear husband could have his, as I call it,  "His Puttering Place."  Well after many offers and much distress at times we found a fantastic home. We are moving to West Weber Utah.  David and I both wanted land so this home is on 1 acre and the home itself is much bigger that we ever expected, but it came with the land and it was the right price.  We do have to do some remodeling before we move in, but when it is all done it will be one fantastic home.  I am so excited.  

The first time that we looked at this home with Justus and Zeke they found a marble and had a great time with it.  Justus wanted to take it home with him, but we told him that the marble wasn't ours, but if we purchased the home he could have it.  Zeke also found pennies all over the floor that he wanted to put in his piggy bank.  I should also mention that this house has been vacant for almost a year.  So after we left the house Justus started calling it the Marble house.  After we made an offer and it was accepted David decided that he was going to make one of those things you roll marbles down and they fall through a hole to the next track and so on.  Well when David gets a project in his head he goes big or doesn't do anything.  This is the coolest marble rolling thing and he did a great job.  We decided that we would give it to the boys the first time we went up there, when the house was actually ours.  We started by finding the original marble with Justus and zeke, we then gave them more and more marbles and they were in Heaven.  Here are the Pictures.

A new blog

As many of you know we the David and Tiffany Otterstrom family had a  Well all I wanted to do was change the template and I did something that nobody has been able to fix, and so we now have this blog to continue or tale of fun times.