Friday, June 25, 2010

The rooster, he's what's for dinner

This morning Justus and Zeke went outside to let the chicken's out of their coop. They do this every morning and nothing exciting has ever happened until this morning. After the chickens were out Justus tried to catch one of them, my boys have been chasing and catching the chickens for the last 3 months but I guess this particular rooster decided that he really really really did not him or any of the other chickens to be caught this time. He flew at him, bit him on the arm and chased him all the way from the pasture to our back porch. It was one mean looking rooster. After Justus calmed down enough to talk, he said that he thought it was time to eat that mean chicken. Zeke agreed so I guess fried rooster is on the menu for our family tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Samuel Turnbow, Alabama's first Mormon Convert

Because my in-laws were so kind to take our children on an adventure for a WHOLE WEEK, I have been able to do some things that I love love love to do, but since Justus was born 5 and 1/2 years ago have been put on the back burner. I really do have the family history bug and I really want to know who my ancestors are, and what they did, and why the did the things they did.

So while the kids are gone I have gone down to Salt Lake with David every morning, except today and he goes to work and I go to the Family History Library or to the Church History Library. I have been searching for my great-great-great- great grandpa Alexander Sepulveda, but I am beginning to believe that he does not want to be found. I told David that we should name our next baby Alexander after Alexander Sepulveda and maybe he would be so grateful that we were so thoughtful he would make himself a little bit easier to find. I'm beginning to think that it is worth a shot.

Any way, when I got tired of looking at mircro-film at the FHL I went to the Church History Library. They house any information that has to do with the church that they can get their hands on. It is full of treasures! I started typing in the names of my ancestors into their database looking to see if they had anything on them. I found a family History written about my third great grandmother Andrine Whilhelmine Erica Friese winberg written by her daughter, my 2nd great grandmother Eve Creagh. It was so nice to see a little glimpse into her life, and find out what an amazingly strong person she was.

The next I found an article called, "Alabama's first Mormon Convert" Written by John E Enslen. This whole paper was written about the life and experiences of Samuel Turnbow my 3rd great grandfather on my mother's mother's side. Who knew I was a direct descendent of the first convert in Alabama. I didn't until yesterday. The experiences that he had with his family are truly inspiring! I cried as I read it. To say the least I love family history, and if I can put a plug in for the New Church History Library, If you haven't taken the time to go and see what they have do it soon. It is AMAZING! Not to mention that my awesome husband works in that building as well.