Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's about time

So I am an awful blogger.
I love to follow others blogs and I have great intentions with my own,
"but on the road of good intentions lies the bones of countless many!"
Thanks for the quote dad!
So here is what has been happening the last 7 months.
We have had so much fun in our new house and on some fun vacations.
We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Zeke in his new Christmas Pajama's
Justus in his new jammer's and with the cookies they made for santa. Yes santa was well fed this Christmas
These pictures are backwards but this is my brother in law Stephen with the remnants of our Thanksgiving Turkey pinata on his head! Yes this is normal Stephen behavior
David throwing the pinata off of our roof
Getting ready!
Climbing up!
Showing off our pinata
The Otterstrom family came up to our house for Thanksgiving dinner and David did an amazing job with the table. First he built a table that would seat 26 and then he set up an amazing centerpiece. This is just a small sample of the centerpiece.
Zeke and Justus showing off their tongues after eating suckers!
This is a better picture of the whole table. David also found out what everyone was thankful for and then dremmeled it out on cool old wood that we found around our house. Yes he did was it before it went onto the table.
More of the table
Playing in the snow, if you look closely you will see that Zeke is wearing safety goggles to "protect his eyes"
The pumpkins that Zeke decorated for Halloween

Justus' pumpkin. David drew a picture of frankenstein on it and Jug Bug painted it all by himself. He did a great job if I do say so myself.
Halloween costumes. Justus the Police Officer and Zeke the astronaut. Justus loved giving out speeding tickets, it probably didn't help that just a few days before we got his costume, I got my first speeding ticket and he watched the officer give it to me. Great example I am!

Our Neighbors have 6 horses in the pasture behind our house, and if we are out when they are riding they let the kids ride with them. This is Zeke and Justus riding Farlap.

For our family vacation we went to Giant Sequoia National park for 6 Days. It was a beautiful place to camp. We pitched our tent right in front of a 230 foot sequoia tree.
This is a huge tree that fell across the river and it is now a bridge! AMAZING!
Zeke hanging out on this cool old bridge!
Checking out the fish in the river