Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Fun

Zeke Graduated from Preschool and Justus Graduated from Kindergarten. This is Zeke's Graduation program. He had a wonderful teacher, Miss Leesa, who does a great job with these little kiddo's.
Bring on Kindergarten!
This is Ben hanging out watching Zeke's Program
Zeke Receiving his diploma
I feel bad because I forgot to bring the Camera to Justus' Graduation. It was also very very cute and fun and I cannot believe he will be in First Grade next year!

As many of you know, the Ogden Temple is being rebuilt over the next few years. We have decided that while it is closed we will take our little family to visit all of the temple's in Utah. We want the kids to learn to love the temple and have the opportunity to feel the spirit while they are there. Either David or I will do a session while the other takes the kids around the grounds and tell the boys about the temple we are visiting. I found these really fun Utah Temple Passports at Deseret Book. They Give information about the temple, like dedication dates and some little known facts about each one and then there are stickers in the back that the kids can put on like a stamp in their passport. Justus and Zeke Love them. Our first temple trip was to Manti. We were heading down to Sanpete county that weekend and decided we would stop. These are the pictures of our adventures.

My Boys! I Love White shirts and Ties!
Me and my very Handsome boys!
Justus and Zeke with their passports.
I just LOVE these little Boys!
This picture cracks me up. I think it shows each of their little personalities perfectly.

After waiting for nearly 2 hours for David the boys did get a little rambunctious and started burying each other in and throwing grass at each other.
Our Little 5 Family!


  1. How I LOVE the Manti temple! It's so beautiful and the people are wonderful there. I look forward to having you come to St. George. Give me a jingle and your boys can come play while you two do a session together. Then your family can tour the grounds all together too. Oh, and if you need a place to stay - of course you know you're more than welcome here!

  2. You updated your blog!!! Yay! Cute, cute pictures! You have a darling family! And your idea of visiting all of the Utah temples with them is so wonderful!

  3. I MISS THOSE LITTLE FACES SO MUCH! I need to see you soon! Good thing I will on Monday! love you all! Miss you all. Kiss them all for me, especially that little Benjamin! LOVE them!

  4. What a good idea - to visit the temples. Cute pictures!